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  Name Title
Shellie Barger Barger, Shellie Business Manager
Karen Bjur Bjur, Karen Principal
Shannon Bogen Bogen, Shannon 2nd Grade Teacher
Natalie Bush Bush, Natalie K4 Teacher
Sue Carter Carter, Sue Secondary Teacher
Don Cline Cline, Don Secondary Teacher
Jim Cochran Cochran, Jim Superintendent
Brienne Coughlin Coughlin, Brienne Secondary Teacher
Jaimee Davis Davis, Jaimee P.E. Teacher
Jonathan Enneking Enneking, Jonathan Secondary Teacher
Brandy Flajole Flajole, Brandy Student
Cara Frayer Frayer, Cara 6th Grade Teacher
Kiersten Godwin Godwin, Kiersten
Rick Godwin Godwin, Rick Athletic Director
Michael Groth Groth, Michael 6th Grade Teacher
Ken Harper Harper, Ken Secondary Teacher
Ruthann Horne Horne, Ruthann 3rd Grade Teacher
David Hutson Hutson, David Maintenance
Patrick Kulp Kulp, Patrick
Debbie Lindquist Lindquist, Debbie Secondary Teacher
Bethany Mark Mark, Bethany Development and Marketing Coordinator
Jaclyn Marshburn Marshburn, Jaclyn Secondary Teacher
Alexandra Marti Marti, Alexandra ELementary Music & Marimba
Brandy Massie Massie, Brandy Education Assistant
Kaelyn McClaine McClaine, Kaelyn Teacher
Jeremy Mensinger Mensinger, Jeremy
Jennifer Mount Mount, Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Brandon Musson Musson, Brandon Facilities Director
John Nelson Nelson, John Secondary Teacher
Beth Olsen Olsen, Beth 5th Grade Teacher
BethAmi Owens Owens, BethAmi 1st Grade Teacher
Heidi Peterson Peterson, Heidi Secondary Teacher
Celia Piper Piper, Celia 5th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Reed Reed, Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher
Mary Rhoden Rhoden, Mary Secondary Teacher
Cheryl Richards Richards, Cheryl Admissions Coordinator
Julie Roberts Roberts, Julie P.E. Teacher
Lois Roberts Roberts, Lois Secondary Teacher
Lori Shaffer Shaffer, Lori Lunch Coordinator
Cheryl Smith Smith, Cheryl 3rd Grade Teacher
Heather Sommers Sommers, Heather 4th Grade Teacher
Sarah Tennis Tennis, Sarah Band Teacher
Tyson Turner Turner, Tyson Secondary Teacher
Carisa VanDerPol VanDerPol, Carisa Accounting
Fawna Weets Weets, Fawna 3rd Grade Teacher
DeAnn Whitford Whitford, DeAnn Educational Assistant
Micaela Whitmore Whitmore, Micaela K5 Teacher
Tamara Winje Winje, Tamara 4th Grade Teacher