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HS Transcript


  1. Complete a separate transcript request for each location/organization to which you want a transcript sent.
  2. For graduates:  Your signature is required.  A parent’s signature will not suffice
  3. For current students at LCS:  Your signature or your parent’s signature is sufficient.
  4. Incomplete transcript requests, including unsigned or improperly signed ones, will not be processed.
  5. Submit completed, signed Transcript Request to the LCS office, FAX to 509-943-5623, or email to
  6. NOTE:  SAT, ACT, or other post-high school admissions testing scores are not included on LCS transcripts or available from the LCS office or personnel. 

To request SAT scores contact The College Board at 

To request ACT scores contact The ACT at 

LCS’ school code is:  481001.


LCS Transcript Request Form

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