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Celebration Stories

Celebration Stories

How Liberty Christian is Impacting Lives in Our Community


The Infuence of Kindergarten Chapel

The short story for us, is that God used Liberty and Kindergarten chapel to bring our whole family to Him! Here is the longer story - we came to Liberty thinking we were Christians, but not really knowing the true meaning of being a Christian or walking with the Lord. We had gone to church off and on through the years but that was the extent of our interaction with Him. We chose Liberty due to the excellent education, small class sizes, and convenient location to my work. The Christian part was a bonus. :-) I began attending Kindergarten chapel with our oldest daughter Faith, and almost immediately I panicked. I quickly realized that her knowledge of the Bible would quickly pass ours in a matter of weeks, and then how would we answer questions she may have? It was this realization that led us to start looking for a church to attend. We settled on a church and started attending regularly. I still remember the sermon that literally lifted the veil from our eyes - the pastor was talking about how good people don't go to heaven, saved people do. From that moment on, there was a fire lit under both my husband and myself - we accepted Christ, joined a small group, got baptized, and have been on a steady walk with the Lord ever since. We have been so blessed by our kids attending Liberty, beyond the fact that God used the school to save us - we cherish the friendships we have made there with other Christian families, and we can see Christ dwelling in our girls on a daily basis. I can't imagine attending any other school. I love to tell people how our journey started with Mrs. Bjur's kindergarten chapel. :-) Mindy Frankenfield


Answering the Call In a Time of Need...

It was only our 10th month at Liberty Christian School, when our family was hit with a tragic event. I had a massive stroke and was paralyzed. During my rehab in Seattle, the Liberty family rallied on my behalf and took care of my boys. Liberty Christian was a true family, and one that we had only been part of for a short time. I remember Karen Bjur telling me this is what the body of Christ is supposed to do. Brett and I were so overwhelmed with the love and generosity of the Liberty family, we are forever grateful.


...and Again

When our family unexpectedly received 2 little girls, Liberty helped us cope with the many changes. Easy enrollment, constant encouragement (for both kids and parents), ways to volunteer in the classroom and prayer were all important parts in the adjustment for our family. To see the girls now and know the confidence, education and healing that Liberty has provided is worth every mile driven, dollar spent and hour given. We are looking forward what God has in store for these kids.


A Successful Transition

Our daughter struggled with the first grade a year-and-a-half ago. Based on the end of year report card, she should not have been pushed through to the second grade. However, her teacher recommended that we do so. We knew she was behind but never felt like the school or teacher fully communicated to us how far behind she really was. A close friend sent her daughter to Liberty Christian. I was so impressed by the communications that went out and how advanced her daughter was, that we decided to look into enrolling our daughter. During her initial evaluation, without us saying anything, the teacher identified that she was behind and not ready for the second grade. I was so impressed by this. While the decision to hold her back was not easy, we knew it was what was right for her. And last year she totally blossomed at LCS. Even our family members have noticed what a major difference it has had on her. She comes home every day talking and singing about the Lord. Its really wonderful! And she isn't struggling with school anymore so I know she is exactly where she was meant to be.


A Teacher's Story

The first time I visited Liberty, I was in teaching school, and was doing a week long observation. As soon as I came into the school I could feel Him breathing life into it. I knew right then in my heart, I had a big dream of becoming a Liberty Christian teacher. Jesus is very present at Liberty, I am so blessed to witness it! I am also very thankful that my daughter is attending school here. She is getting filled up;both spiritually, and academically! She is hearing the sweet name of Jesus being proclaimed with love, and it is touching her heart. Thank you!!!- Jessica Baker, LCS Kindergarten Teacher


A Long History at LCS

For me, Liberty is part of my family...starting with me! I attended LC from Kinder to 8th (which is all they had at that time). My younger sisters attended LC and all were able to graduate from LC. When my youngest sister was attending, my son started attending also. Some of my sister's friends had moms that taught at LC. My son had many of these ladies as teachers, and we were both thrilled because we felt like we already knew them and were comfortable with them. As my 3 children now attend, it has been a very comforting feeling to know how loved and cared for my children are at school. Korey Barber

More Great Quotes

“We brought our children here to get a great education that included God's word, but we stayed because the staff and other families treated us like family.”

"I like Liberty Christian. I feel loved there and I have lots of friends." 1st Grade Student

"As Grandparents to students at Liberty Christian we are deeply grateful when we see the love for God and Christ our Grandchildren show every day in life experiences. We enjoy attending events because of the awesome out pouring of friendship from the students, staff and parents toward us."

"I have always wanted my children to attend Liberty Christian school because of the quality of education the kids receive. I feel that my children wouldn't get the attention they get at Liberty Christian anywhere else!! I absolutely love the staff!!"

"Two years ago, before my daughter began attending Liberty, she used to be deathly shy and didn't have much confidence. That is no longer the case!!! Leadership class, caring teachers, Key Club, volleyball, Algebra, basketball, dedicated coaches, Geometry, worship team and cheer has changed her outlook on life!!! Thank you Liberty Christian!!!"

"Our daughter has blossomed at LCS and loves her school."

"My kids both often add to their prayers, 'Thank You that we get to go to a Christian school and learn about You.'

"Liberty has been an excellent springboard that has launched our children into life. 6 out of 6 children that are serving the Lord in everything they do. It doesn't get any better."

We thank God for the great things He is doing through the ministry of Liberty Christian School. 
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