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Why Liberty? A Student's Perspective

February 04, 2019
By Jim Cochran


Why Liberty? Because Liberty is my home. I came to liberty in 5th grade, after moving here from Gresham, Oregon. To be quite honest, when I first started school here, I was terrified. At the Christian school I previously attended, there were five kids in my entire grade. 5. So when I realized that there were 40 at LCS, I was incredibly nervous. But thankfully, not too long after school started, I felt comfortable, not only because the students were friendly, but the overall atmosphere made coming to school enjoyable. Throughout my years at Liberty, not only was I growing closer and closer with my peers, but my relationship with Christ was flourishing as well. The spiritual renewals, class retreats, chapels, and Bible classes kept me constantly engaged with the Lord, and I was at a point in my life where I could always feel the presence of the Spirit. There was not a time where I didn’t have someone to talk to about my spiritual or personal problems, and I was always able to find someone to pray with or pray for me. But as my eighth grade year came to an end, I decided to transfer to a public school.

The reason why I decided to leave was because my parents and I were convinced I needed to expand my horizons and be out of school where there were more athletic and academic opportunities, the bigger campus, and to meet new faces. We all believed that I needed to see the ”real world,” in order to properly prepare me for college. My first two years of high school were quite a breeze. I was just getting used to the new environment, and figuring out where I belonged. My life was so consumed with people and sports that I hadn’t even noticed how quickly I was growing apart from Christ. I found myself praying only when I needed something, and on Sundays, I didn’t feel like going to church was necessary. I struggled to make God a priority, because I had been an environment where the Spirit of Christ was nonexistent.

For 3 ½ years, I settled for that. Here and there, I would ask my parents to pray with me because I wanted to kick-start my faith again. Right after I recited a prayer for the Lord to speak to me, the hope of hearing His voice immediately flushed out as soon as I went back to school. Being surrounded by people who lived every day without the love of Christ made it easy for me to forget what mattered most in my life. It took me nearly 4 years of high school to realize that I was lost. Just a couple weeks ago, I woke up with a sudden realization that something needed to change. I was emotionally drained from feeling empty inside, but not being able to explain what was causing me to feel that way. I decided to sit down with my parents and tell them exactly how I felt. They told me to pray about it, and figure out what I really needed. After praying about it and weighing out the pros and cons of coming back to Liberty, I decided that I needed to come home. Being at Liberty has served as a building block in my life, as it has sculpted much of who I am today. I realize that my years at Liberty were the ones where I found myself the most spiritually connected, and that is because LCS is a community. A community is a group that shares a common interest, and here, that interest is our passion to follow Christ.

So here I am, back home again. I want to thank my parents for supporting my decision, and I want to thank my Liberty family for being so welcoming to take me back. And above all, I want to thank the Father for guiding me home.

Anabel Lin

January 29, 2019

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