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Parent Teacher Fellowship Meeting

Join us for a PTF meeting the first Thursday at 8:00am in the Extended Care Room. We would love to meet you and hear your ideas!

Who is PTF? Parent Teacher Fellowship is an organization at LCS whose purpose is to bring together parents, teachers, students, and the school.  PTF was created to make our students, parents, and staff all feel like a family.  With our purpose, PTF will assist with activities at the school, promote activities of the school in the community, and provide physical and moral support to the teachers and staff.  We will have many events and gatherings through-out the school year that will help in our goal of connecting us all.  Some of these events are the Ice-Cream Social, LMNOP (Liberty Movie Night Out & Popcorn), BoxTops/Labels for Education, Christmas Bazaar, Parent Appreciation, and the End of the Year BBQ.

How do I get involved? Involvement in PTF is easy and does not include much of a commitment.  PTF will have a monthly meeting that will be the 1st Thursday of every month at 8:00am in the Extended Care Room at the school.  We will discuss upcoming events, past events, new ideas, and any other ideas on how to bless our “Family”.  If you have any idea(s) please come to the meeting and we will try to make it happen.  We would love to add more wonderful events to our calendar.

If you have any questions please contact us at