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September 14, 2017
By Rick Godwin

As you would imagine, the safety and security of our kids, staff, and guests is one of our highest priorities here at Liberty Christian.  We are continually working to provide the safest environment to carry out our mission which is “Liberty Christian School provides a Biblically-based education, marked by academic excellence, in a nurturing atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live committed Christian lives”. Here are the most recent highlights.

Our first drill of the 2017-18 school year happened on September 13.   The school conducts ongoing drills throughout the year that cover fire, earthquake, and lockdown (critical and non-critical) scenarios. These occur about once per month and include all students and staff. Other safety training that is ongoing at LCS includes CPR/First Aid, Crisis Management, and Child Abuse Reporting.  This summer, additional staff training included crisis counseling training with the Emmaus Center.

The focus this year will include implementation of our Incident Command System (ICS).  The ICS is a chain of command and line of communication plan that identifies roles for the administration, faculty, and staff in the event of crisis and emergency situations. 

We are also working on a few projects, which we believe will add needed security in a few key areas.  The first, implementation of card key access to our exterior doors.  Due to the cost, the plan is to complete this in phases over the next 3 years.  Second, the addition of a secondary barrier (wall) at the foyer to better control access into the school. 

Our safety team, made up of parents, law enforcement, staff, and administration meet regularly to address the current safety and security needs.  Here is a short list of upgrades recently completed.

  1. Installation of security cameras in key locations.
  2. Acquisition of a two-way radio system for communication around the campus was purchased 2016.  Additional radios were purchased this summer to complete the project.  These are used on a daily basis for instant access during recesses and outdoor activities and are ready for use in emergencies; they are carried by strategic staff and administration to insure a good level of cross-campus coverage.
  3. Three trauma kits were purchased in 2016 and placed at strategic locations around the school facility. These kits contain items needed for major injuries beyond routine first-aid such as major bleeding incidents. The faculty and staff were given basic training on the kits during professional development time. Ongoing training will occur during specific professional development days throughout the year.  Additional supplies were purchased this summer to upgrade the kits and fill needed inventory.

While we pray consistently for God’s protection on our school, we realize we live in a broken world where evil exists and bad things happen.  I hope this informs you in part of our efforts to provide a secure place for our children to learn.

Bob Deno says:
September 14, 2017 03:48 PM CST
Thank You to all staff for answering the lords call to better equip these young students with his daily word. Praying for a safe and rewarding year for all students and staff.








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