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Year-End Patriot Fund Campaign Update

June 07, 2017
By Jim Cochran

Dear Liberty Family,

We are excited and thankful to God and to our supporters for the response so far to our 2017 Fiscal Year-End Campaign! As of June 6th, we have received $5,500 in donations toward our goal of $50,000; with the dollar to dollar match, we have $11,000 toward our goal of $100,000.

I encourage you to share about our school and the Year-End Campaign with your network of family, friends, coworkers, and employers. The Campaign will continue through the month of June.

Reaching our Patriot Fund goal will enable us to implement the next steps in our strategic plan including the following:

  • Increasing our faculty and staff compensation.
  • Upgrading and integrating technology for the instructional program.
  • Transitioning our instructional design from a 20th Century school model to a 21st Century model.
  • Maintaining and further developing our 19-acre campus.

(For more on the LCS Strategic Plan, please see the following link: )

LCS continues its mission to provide a Biblically-based education, marked by academic excellence, in a nurturing atmosphere. Our 6th Graders were recently given an optional assignment to respond to the question “What does Liberty mean to me?” You will be blessed by their responses:

  • To me it is a great school. There are loving and humble staff members that greet you every day. To me, Liberty is my pride and joy, and I am proud to call it my home.
  • I can talk about Christ.
  • I can be who I am without being bullied.
  • Everyone is a family.
  • Older kids are nice to us.
  • The Christian lessons are great!
  • Making friends, going to camp, learning about the Bible, and other great things like that.
  • We have loving, caring, and helpful staff members.
  • We have become smarter every day by our amazing teachers.
  • We can have fun!
  • We can grow in Christ.
  • We are lucky that we can attend this school.
  • I thank LCS for teaching me history because I want to be a history teacher.
  • Liberty has taught me that God is the most important thing in the world.
  • Also to respect people and God.
  • They have taught me that God goes first, then others, then ourselves.
  • The atmosphere at LCS is great! It is fun, loving, kind, and a funny environment.

Please stay tuned for updates each Wednesday through June about the 2017 Fiscal Year-End Patriot Fund Campaign via email and on the school website.

In His Service,

Mr. Cochran


Abby's Story

November 22, 2016
By Abby Garcia

Hi, my name’s Abby and I’m a Senior at Liberty Christian School. Liberty has impacted and changed me as a person in a lot of ways, into a person who I never thought I’d become. Thanks to the people here at Liberty, I’ve grown into a strong, yet gentle person.

Both of my parents are from the south; my dad is from Mexico and my mom is from Texas. I’m used to big things, having gone to large public schools for my early school years (Pre-K through 8th grade), and I’m from a big family- I’m the baby of eleven kids! I was never really bothered by my family size, and it is a big factor that has helped me grow into the person I am.

Moving to Washington from Texas and having a steadily growing family was not easy, but the only way we’ve gotten through the tough times, we relied on Christ. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant, but as I grew older, I caught on. My family was raised in the church and we did a lot of mission work. We always loved to feed the homeless during the holidays or just have an outreach barbeque with our church to spend time and spread the love of Christ.

I found the same at Liberty. We are like a big family. I have friends, specifically Malaysia and Allie, who are examples of people who truly follow Christ whole-heartedly and who are not ashamed to show it. They humbly show their love for Christ, which inspires me to have just as strong a relationship. They help me to strive for a better, stronger connection with Him. And my teachers have had a strong influence on me. My Bible teacher, Mr. Kessie, has helped me grow strong in God’s Word and taught me how to apply His teachings to everyday life. He has given me support and advice to look deeper into God’s true meaning for life.

I’m excited about my future. I will be pursuing Marine Biology or Music as a college major. I believe God can use me in both these areas and I will see how my opportunities unfold.

My 4 years of high school were anything but boring! My fondest memories are laughing with friends, praying at sporting events, and this year, humbly accepting the queen’s crown for my senior year homecoming. But the best thing above all is getting to know people and to have them accept me for me. That’s what Liberty is all about; being who you are and not being afraid to show Christ’s love.

Please consider how you can financially support my school and enable Liberty to continue preparing us to impact the world for Christ.

Go Patriots!!!


Class of 2017

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