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2,617 Times A Day

September 02, 2016
By Jim Cochran

David Eaton, the founder of AXIS Ministries, will be our guest speaker at the LCS Fall Banquet on October 1st. I receive a weekly email from his ministry that keeps me informed of relevant topics on the cultural front. This week's post had some interesing insights on this "Age of the Smartphone" that we live in that I wanted to pass on to you.... While the resources listed are mostly from secular articles and blogs and I don't agree with all the content in each article, the questions generated and the decisions we make in answering them are needed to maintain healthy families in this digital age. 

2,617 Tiimes A Day

Is it surprising to learn that that's the average number of times we touch our smartphones throughout any given day? That's about 18,000 times per week or 1,000,000 per year. Never before in the history of mankind has a single item been so intimate and ever-present.

These devices have only existed for 20 years or so and only been part of our everyday lives for the last 10, yet now we can't go anywhere without them. And younger generations are only becoming more and more addicted to their devices, having never known a time when they didn't exist. But it's never too early or too late to begin modeling and creating wise smartphone habits! To help, here are 8 articles to change our perspectives on how we use and allow our children to use technology.

1. How Technology Hijacks People's Minds
Consider: What was most surprising? How can I talk about these concepts with my children?

2. Reboot Your Phone with Mindfulness
Consider: Which of these suggestions can I implement right now?

3. Parents' Smartphones Harming Children's Ability to Hold Conversation, Say Teachers
Consider: What are 3 simple things I can change in my device habits today?

4. 13, Right Now
Consider: How can I better understand the world my teens inhabit? How can I encourage them to be deep thinkers, not just controllable consumers?

5. Don't Post about Me on Social Media, Children Say
Consider: What part of my digital footprint could negatively impact my children? Do I need to apologize to them for something I've done on social media? Should you ask permission before posting something about your children online?

6. Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning
Consider: Are my device habits worth it? What "candy" and/or "avoidance" do I seek? If this is true for me, how is it true for my teens?

7. US Parents Largely Unaware of What Their Children Do Online, Research Finds
Consider: What might I be unaware of my children doing online? How can that impact them?

8. 19 Practical, Powerful Ways to Build Social-Emotional Intelligence in Kids & Teens
Consider: How does phone/screen time impede these practices?

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