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Year End Patriot Fund Drive

June 2019

Dear Friends of Liberty Christian School,

With the end of the year coming to a close, legacy and nostalgia fill the air.  Stories from our seniors continue to inspire us.  There’s one graduate who is the first of his family to complete high school with a diploma.  Another’s cheeks soak with tears as he hugs Mrs. Bjur because he made it to graduation.  Lastly, there’s Anabel Lin, who transferred back to Liberty after her previous 3 ½ years at a public high school.  She shared,

“My life was so consumed with people and sports that I hadn’t even noticed how quickly I was growing apart from Christ. I found myself praying only when I needed something, and on Sundays, I didn’t feel like going to church was necessary. I struggled to make God a priority because I had been in an environment where the Spirit of Christ was nonexistent…Being at Liberty has served as a building block in my life, as it has sculpted much of who I am today. I realize that my years at Liberty were the ones where I found myself the most spiritually connected, and that is because LCS is a community. A community is a group that shares a common interest, and here, that interest is our passion to follow Christ.”

Over the last couple of weeks, seven students took the opportunity to be baptized on campus.  Their stories echoed each other’s as they declared they wanted to serve Jesus for the rest of their lives.

As we celebrate these victories that now move into the past, we look ahead in anticipation of what is to come.  We pray for more students to be rooted and grounded in their faith, changed through academic excellence, and developed in a fostering environment.  We pray that the Lord would graciously empower us to serve with excellence and lead with profound stewardship of all that He has provided.

The 2019-2020 school year is Liberty Christian School’s 40th anniversary, and we have big dreams for our school and what the Lord might do.  Steps toward those dreams are just around the corner.

As we push forward with all endurance and perseverance, as the author of Hebrews encourages us to do, we would like to specifically ask you to consider financially supporting Liberty Christian School and our Patriot Fund as we wrap up this school year.  Currently, the Patriot Fund has raised nearly $307,000 this fiscal year through our various events and ongoing gifts.  An additional $18,000 is needed in our Year-End Campaign to reach our goal of breaking even in our operational expense budget.  However, we are looking to meet and exceed that goal in order to provide for our future vision.

We believe that more victories for our students, families, and community are just around the corner!  Thank you for your story and investment in Liberty Christian School.  Please consider a donation at this time.  You may return the card or donate securely at under the “Support LCS” tab in the “Financial Support” section.  Thank you!


In Him,

Bethany Mark                                                                                                               Jim Cochran

Development & Marketing Coordinator                                                                       Superintendent